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Social Media Networking

Bizness Inc’s BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System has an option to auto post from your WordPress Blog site to your FaceBook and Twitter Accounts.  This means you can do all you posts from 1 web location (the BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System) which fires out posts to your selected WordPress Blog Sites in 1 blog click, and then automatically to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts if you have set up that free networking interface.


Bizness Software Solutions Network With Each Other

Bizness Inc’s BizRAS Invoicing Systems networks with its Currency Product to get non USD currencies at the time of a credit card transaction so the USD exchange rate can be added to database for worldwide reporting in US Dollars.  All of Bizness Inc’s also network with its Licensing program so that at login, each system check there is an appropriate software license for that system.  This stops code stealing or users that stop paying their bills.


Bizness Software Solutions Networking With EMerchant Gateway Systems and Accounting Systems

Bizness Inc. has designed eMerchant Gateway Interfaces as well as integration with external accounting systems into most of its products:
E-Merchant Credit Card Authorization and Back End Systems (ie interfacing to PayPal and Authorize.Net for one-time payments and recurring monthly payments)
1. PayPal Interface for Shopping Cart and ECommerce Systems.

2. PayPal Interface for one-time and monthly donations for Donation Management Systems.

3. PayPal Interface for one-time and recurring billing invoice payments for Web Invoicing Applications. Newly announced one-time and web recurring billing invoice payments interface to Authorize.Net.

4. Back End PayPal Systems to email client users on credit card transactions, update databases, log all PayPal transactions and track PayPal Commissions. Newly announced Back End PayPal Systems interface to Authorize.Net


QuckBooks IIF and XML Export Files For Importing into Accounting Systems

1. Summary generation of an IIF file for importing into QuickBooks Accounting System

2. Summary generation of an XML file for importing into other external Accounting Systems